Are you ever looking at sunglasses and wondering what style would be "yours"? People often think about which fashion is most flattering to their facial shape, But they don't consider which kind of sunglass best matches their fashion sense.

If you spend a few minutes considering your typical kind of attire, You'll know which pair of sunglasses will be the perfect fit for you right away!

What outfit best represents your style?

Professional Office Look

Are you working in a workplace and want to look professional? If your usual outfit is an elegant pencil skirt with a blazer or an adorable blouse, then you should steer toward classic sunglass designs. Consider rectangle, wayfarer, or small to medium square frame designs.

If you are a fan of the fashionable-professional style, consider cats-eyes, big squares, or frame shapes that are oversize.

Boho Look

Do you like airy peasant dresses, soft jeans, and wavy beach hair? Pick shades that compliment your fashion! Consider round frames inspired by John Lennon contemporary-aviators wireframes, as well as lenses that are mirrored.

City Chic

Do you typically wear an oversized leather jacket, an edgy shape, and a lot of blacks? Look for cool and trendy glasses like large frames or clear frames, contemporary aviators, and mirrored lenses.


Do you like dresses that are feminine, as well as floral blouses and any shade of pink? Look for feminine styles of sunglasses. Consider cat-eye square, round, and oversize styles.

Vintage Cool

If you love to shop at thrift stores and discover your outfits are mixed with vintage pieces, search for sunglasses that are a match! The best choice is vintage frames such as cat-eye, wayfarers, or round designs. Try 80s-inspired styles such as lenses that are mirrored and colored frames.

Weekend Casual

Do you have a style that is comfortable but also contemporary? Do you love warm sweaters, cozy jeans, and comfy flats? Choose modern yet delicate styles like aviators, wayfarers, or square frames.

Vacation Style

If you're at the beach, most likely, you're wearing your bikini or flowing dress and sandals. Choose a style of sunglass that is beachy to complement your outfit! Take a look at the oversize round, square frames in a variety of colors or even mirrored lenses. It's a great time to purchase those vibrant and stylish sunglasses you've been eyeing for a while!

October 16, 2022 — Hany Harhash