If you think of old-fashioned glasses, your imagination is flooded with images like cat-eye glasses.

 These frames first caught our interest as cat-eye glasses with prescriptions or clear sunglasses in the 50s, but then they really gained popularity when Audrey Hepburn donned her elegant tortoiseshell sunglasses model for "Breakfast at Tiffany's."

Since this time, the eye-catching look has been recreated again and time and has found its way into virtually every style of glasses throughout the years. Today, you can put on cat-eye sunglasses in an array of different styles, including vintage-inspired, coloured cat-eye glasses, to the subtle eye arch created by semi-rimless feline-eye glasses with wireframes.

 Classic cat-eye glasses

Since cat-eye glasses have been a part of numerous trends throughout the past half-century of their cultural renown, There are plenty of choices available in cat-eye designs. If you're interested in the classic and vintage cat-eye style, there are many styles that are retro-chic.

Cat-eye glasses in black

It's the typical style, one that conjures 1950s photos from yearbooks of girls sporting large cat-eye glasses in black. It's still available. While older frames may include the occasional rhinestone or finely crafted wing tips and wingtips, you can still find somewhat tinier versions. The Ray-Ban cat eye sunglasses have a big black style with long wingtips.

Cat-eye glasses in red

The cat-eye glasses in red also have a bold retro look. They don't shy away and are striking in design and color. If you're searching for cat-eye glasses in red, make sure you go all out like these Moschino sets. They provide a contemporary twist to the classic look yet are equally playful and stylish. Cat-eyes in bright colors like purple or pink glasses are also striking like red ones but might be more appropriate for your skin color.

Rhinestone cat-eye glasses

Cat-eye glasses with rhinestones create an ideal combination and frequently provide cat eyes with an elegant, vintage appearance. Although rhinestone or bejeweled cat-eye glasses are difficult to come by, however, they're still in stock. The Nicole Miller pair frames a semi-rimless design updated design feature -- with the very classic black rhinestone cat-eye upper rims.

Modern cat-eye glasses

While classic cat-eye glasses look fashionable these days, you might want something that appeals to contemporary sensibilities and reflects the fashions of contemporary glasses. If this is the case, you should take a look at some cat-eye styles, which are popular twists upon the traditional frame.

Large cat-eye glasses

With the trend for oversized glasses remaining strong and growing in popularity, it's not surprising that cat-eye glasses that are large are becoming popular too. Although cat-eye glasses' frames are usually known for their smaller lenses that resemble the look of the eye, however, larger cat-eye glasses provide an exciting alternative. They remove the bottom rim, which covers the entire side of the lens. Instead, go for an elongated, traditional D-shape lens. These transparent Pink Charlotte eyeglasses are an excellent illustration of the cat's eyes being large.

October 16, 2022 — Hany Harhash